What are the benefits of eating garlic cloves

garlic-clovesDaily health tips – Garlic is a plant of the genus Allium names as well as names of tubers produced. Bulbs of garlic plant is the main ingredient for seasoning. Raw garlic is full of sulfur compounds, including chemical called alliin which makes raw garlic tasted bitter.

Benefits of garlic was not only used as a spice in cooking course, but the garlic also contains many properties that are useful for our health. Garlic is a plant that grows in the tropics and gets enough sunlight.

Chemical content that is naturally present in garlic have proved very useful for our health. Benefits of garlic as we know it is as a spice in cooking, other than that some are using it as an antiseptic for antibiotic content in it. Below we will discuss some of the health benefits of garlic for our bodies based on the content in it.

For Health Benefits of Garlic

1. Treat colds and coughs. Based on the study conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University, Utah, in 1992 found that garlic mashed and mixed with oil can kill the 2 types of herpes and type 2 rhinivirus which usually causes flu. Garlic also contains sulfur (sulfur substances) that can relieve the respiratory tract and helps remove mucus.

You can eat raw garlic as much as possible when you feel sick with the flu. When you cough, you can mix the onion pieces into the hot milk and drink it warm.

2. Cancer cure. Garlic benefits not only to mild disease, severe illness level of cancer can be prevented. Garlic contains Organosulfida beneficial for the heart. Thus, taking the pieces of garlic is tantamount to fighting toxins and cancer that can invade your body.
3. Improve Stamina. Mixing garlic into our food or ingest onion every day can be a source of physical strength and increase our stamina. This is a special benefit of garlic. When you feel tired or easily susceptible to the flu, it is the right time for you to Boost your immune system naturally.

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