10 tips to lose weight without dieting

All people, especially women, are looking for alternatives to lose weight, such as changing diet, but often waive them for the commitment it takes to perform them. So, here we bring you 10 tips to lose weight without diet and effortlessly. According to information published by CNN, improve your image with these tips, you say goodbye to the extra kilos without dieting and not spend extra hours at the gym: […]


5 Tricks to Lose Weight Quickly

Is it OK to eat this? Will it make me ill eat this one? What should I eat now? These questions confront us repeatedly in the day. And you spend the day “breakin head”, thinking about how to lose those extra pounds that complexed you. In here we bring some peace to your life; therefore, we will give you 5 tips to lose weight quickly. 1 Drink lots of water […]


Basic and practical tips to lose weight

It is no secret that overweight and obesity have become a serious public health problem in many countries. The world ranking places the United States and Mexico in the first and second of the countries with the highest percentage of obese population with 30 and 24% respectively. In the United States obesity is considered an epidemic that causes about 400,000 deaths a year and costs the US economy about $ […]


Diets to lose 10 kilos

Diets to lose 10 kilos are all very like patterns. I like the story and so can make many diets, as many as men can combine combining complete in Original guidelines. Guidelines in the Herbal 10 kilos You have to drink two liters of water a day Vegetables should be present at all meals Should do 5 meals a day light. The fruit should be taken before lunch and snack. […]


How to Treat Anemia and acknowledge it

Treating anemia is a lot easier than it may seem. If you follow these tips you can recover quickly from this state. Do not let it happen, it can have consequences. It is said to have anemia when there is not enough iron in the blood. While the disease can affect people of any age or sex, women of childbearing age are at increased risk due to blood loss from […]


Iron benefits to health

Iron (Fe) is a very important for human body metal. It becomes oxidized glucose energy because without it we could not perform daily tasks, or indeed, any activity. benefits-iron Iron benefits to health In addition to providing enough energy to live, iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood, this function develops creating hemoglobin-the red- blood cells in combination with proteins. It also serves to stimulate certain vitamins such […]