10 Health Tips for Everyday

Today we bring you this short but effective list of tips to make daily health tips and enjoy good health and healthy.Do not forget them and apply them to your routine today! Reach down well to get up, takes two minutes of stretching, lower body and upper body. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, no more no less, water is very important for our body and clean […]

What routine is good for the summer ?

What routine is good for the summer ? Summer is just around the corner, and parents should consider setting guidelines and establish routines so that children enjoy the summer and stay busy. The summer routine does not have to be as structured as the school year, says Dr. Rachelle Tyler, developmental and behavioral pediatrician at Mattel Children ‘s Hospital UCLA . ” Setting limits to early summer and encourage children […]


Asbestos testing necessary protection against deadly diseases

Asbestos testing is the method for determining the presence of asbestos in industrial processes , residential buildings and objects. Asbestos was commonly used as construction material in buildings until a few years ago. A mineral compound , asbestos is the common name for a group of six fibrous minerals found in certain natural rock formations. During the extraction and processing , asbestos produces very thin and light fibers that easily […]

Technical fitness

Fitness ” IN SHAPE”. Optimality is that our body can achieve, Berimbau always at the forefront of the most efficient and innovative techniques, provides users with various techniques ” fitness ” to help them reach the goal of being ” FIT ” TRX With a new attachment ( high strength tape ) the ” suspension training ” is created by running the whole body in different positions carrying our own […]

South Beach Diet – Fast weight loss diets 3-6 months Effective

The South Beach Diet was created by a doctor in Miami cardiologist Arthur S Agatston, to help their obese patients. As the story goes this diet was so successful that Dr. Agatston became popular and later published his book, which has sold millions of copies. Also recently published a book of recipes. South Beach, is a diet that is based on the same principle of all low carb diets: simple […]

5 fast diets to lose weight in a few days

5 different ways to lose more kilos in less time If you need to lose more kilos in less time you can have different diets fast, allowing you to lose weight in a few days and effectively. If you want to know more about these diets, this note will find 5 different ways to lose weight fast. If the balance indicates you have to lose a few kilos more in […]

benefits of eating seaweed

The benefits of seaweed for slimming

These last few days in our special operation bikini talked about some exercises to get a slim figure, but it is also important to know what foods are best suited if you are trying to lose weight or stay fit. Keep in mind that any food slimming, but many do help us by providing good quality of nutrients, low in calories and a satiating effect. Algae perfectly meet these three […]

500 million people use apps for health care in 2015

Last week I talked about My Travel Doctor, healthcare an app very useful. In light of this issue, today we bring you information. Based on the study by the research agency of the United States Pew Research Centre, it seems that 500 million people worldwide use mobile applications for health care in 2015. In the United States, 59 percent of adults said they had conducted Internet searches during 2012 in […]