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Benefits of cucumber

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cucumber-imageCucumber health claims

This fruit , commonly considered a vegetable , has a modest concentration of vitamin C. One hundred grams of cucumber contribute approximately 10% of the recommended daily intake of 60mg/day. Vitamin C is involved in suppressingĀ carcinogenic nitrosamine whose character has been demonstrated. Vitamin C may also protect against several cancers and enhances immune functions.
The cucumber is fat and is low in calories and cholesterol. Among the cancer inhibitory substances found in cucumbers are phytochemicals as phytosterols and terpenes. Some dietitians -called old guard , present the cucumber as a food difficult to digest, and this is somewhat true, but in reality it’s because people do not know prepare.
Cucumber should be eaten completely natural , but well washed and shelled. The alternative is to put lemon or yogurt but little or no salt.
There is a disease called toxoplasmosis that can only be cured with cucumber. What U.S. doctors recommend. It consists of eating only raw cucumber for 40 days , which produces a deep detoxification of the body.
Cucumber is widely used in medicine, for their emollient qualities , soothing and refreshing and alkalizing above. Cucumber is good in hot weather , especially in summer , graqcias to its enormous water content, good for thirst and action intetinal , cools the blood and has a cleansing effect on the bowels. Are also recommended when there is a tendency to necrosis , and in all cases where it is necessary to neutralize the excess acidity , such as diabetes , gout , obesity, arthritis , etc..

By its laxative properties is advisable in constipation , pear will have to chew. The cucumber salad with lemon juice and olive oil , anesthesia of the meals is a good remedy conra stomach pains and dyspepsia. Juice is also good for inflammation of the digestive tract and bladder. Also of great importance to the secretions and magnificent in febrile states , also for blood, brain and nerves. The cucumber juice with honey is excellent for diseases of the throat , such as aphonia , inflammation , angina, etc.. , For which will be made by tablespoons , depending on the seriousness of the illness. Finally the seeds with diuretic properties.

External use Cucumber
Cucumber pulp macerated in distilled alcohol and then the “essence of cucumber ” used to prepare an ointment used in external applications to provide freshness and softness of dry skin. Also this cream can be prepared with only juice , in which case it will act also as a coolant. The juice is excellent in skin rashes , inflammation, etc.. , For it will be used in lotions or washes.
Also is great for giving softness , remove spots and freckles , wrinkles disappear long rejuvenating the skin. Diseases of the throat is beneficial poultice applied to cucumber pulp , several times a day. The seed emulsion used against hemarroides , rashes, abscesses and other skin rashes.

These days the cucumber has been on everyone’s lips due to suspicions that have been made about this vegetable that is so beneficial to the body. So in this post we stop at one of the most charismatic of summer vegetables , is that the cucumber is a very suitable type of food when we want to refresh our body as healthy as possible. Viton know and so we want to stop this food.

First of all we must know that the cucumber is a food native to southern Asia , with India being one of the most important producers of this vegetable. Another fact of importance to keep in mind before stopping at the benefits it provides is that it is the fourth most produced food worldwide. These data demonstrate the importance of the cucumber is in the human diet , as it is one of the most consumed vegetable.

The cucumber is a food primarily known for its high cooling power , and that its composition has high amounts of liquid, which makes it a very recurrent food in the months in which over heats the sun, as it will help to maintain perfect overall body hydration. This amount of liquid containing cucumber endow it diuretic properties , as well as hydrate will help prevent fluid retention in the body.

The cucumber is a food recommended for people who want to lose weight or maintain the line, as it contains very low amounts of calories and carbohydrates, in addition to not contain any fat. To this we must add its high fiber content as a good plant , which makes him a good ally when getting eliminate toxins from the body and maintain proper operation.
High in vitamins

What else should we emphasize the cucumber is its high content of vitamins. First we are going to highlight the content of vitamin A, necessary for the proper state of the mucous membranes , skin , eyes , bones… In addition to ensuring the proper functioning of the immune system , thereby improving the body’s defenses and faster response of the same at the most vulnerable.

Another vitamin that contains is Vitamin E and C , in addition to various types of vitamin B , among which we highlight the vitamin B1 , B2 and B3. All these vitamins are necessary to maintain good body tissues and immune system in perfect condition. Plus they are antioxidants that the body needs to protect itself from incoming attacks by free radicals coming from abroad.
mineral content

The mineral content is also noteworthy to mention the cucumber time. Not that contain very high amounts of these nutrients , but what it contains is very easily assimilated by the body. First we have to emphasize that recoils potassium muscle activity and nerve impulses. Phosphorus and magnesium should also be taken into account , as they help our digestive system to have a good activity.

Therefore, the cucumber is a perfect companion to meals, and the ideal ingredient in any salad , besides being a good dressing or dressing in certain dishes , as we will be providing a number of benefits that we can not ignore.


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