What Are Energy Therapies?

Energy therapies are an alternative health healing technique. Energy therapies are based on the assumption that life force energy permeates all living things.

Therapists believe that there is substantial evidence that each person is made up of an energetic system that is vastly integrated with their physical body, their emotional system and their spiritual being.

Energy therapies are therapeutic treatments that enhance and promote physical and emotional health by tapping into this energetic system.

How Do They Work?

There are many ways to tap into this energetic system. The therapies all involve adjustment to a person’s biofield (energetic system) using external energies or vibrations.

These energies are usually carried through the hands of the therapist. The energies can also be introduced by light or sound in some cases.

Restoring balance to the biofield and getting the energy flowing through the system again is the intention of energy therapy. This promotes health and healing and a feeling of wellness.

Energy therapy is based on the confident acceptance that negative emotions become trapped in specific areas of the human body.

It is believed that these negative emotions like fear, anger, stress resentment and guilt result in energy blocks that cause mental and emotional conflict and trauma.

Types of Energy Therapies


Of the energy therapies, reiki is the one that is the most spiritually focused. It is a vibrational healing therapy used to encourage balance throughout the whole human system.

Reiki’s therapeutic treatment works with the vibrational field that is believed to surround and infiltrate the body. The transference of energy through the practitioner’s hands is believed to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate a person’s life-force energy.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is an emotional healing technique within the field of psychology. Emotional blockages which disrupt the body’s natural energy flows are dissipated to restore emotional and physical wellbeing. It has been termed psychological acupressure as it is based on the same energy meridians that are used in traditional acupuncture.

The treatment involves the use of fingertips instead of needles to tap the end points of meridians located just below the surface of the skin. It is now a widely accepted fact that emotional trauma is a key factor in physical symptoms and disease. EFT techniques are now being used on physical issues including chronic illness.

Light and Sound Therapy

Light therapy is when a therapist uses artificial or natural light to treat disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a form of depression that usually occurs at the same time each year. It begins in the autumn and continues for the winter months, depleting your energy and causing you to be sad and moody.
This depression lifts and goes away when the warm sunny weather of spring and summer arrive. Light therapy is also used in the treatment of some sleep disorders, where the patient is exposed to bright light at certain times in the day to help reset their body’s natural sleep and wake cycle.

Sound energy therapy, also known as frequency or vibration therapy uses specific sound frequencies. These sounds are often produced by a tuning fork to resonate with different organs in the body.

Music therapy is another form of sound energy treatment. It is a research based practice in which music is used to actively help people to improve their health. It is beneficial for any person both physically and mentally. It improves the heart rate and reduces anxiety, stimulates the brain and enhances the ability to learn.

In many retirement villages music therapy is being used to help senior citizens to deal with problems associated with stress, depression and chronic pain. Music is well known for its ability to have a strong effect on mood and behavior.

Increasing Acceptance of Energy Therapies

Energy therapies are the least researched areas of alternative and complementary therapies in western medicine. However, the good news is that this is slowly beginning to change. Healing touch therapy is a therapy similar to reiki, where the healing energy is transferred through the therapists’ hands to the patient.

This therapy is now being used in conjunction with standard cancer treatment.
Research has shown that patients going through chemotherapy treatment have had substantial improvements in blood pressure, mood and fatigue.

Breast and gynecologic cancer patients receiving radiation therapy have shown an improved quality of life when healing touch was used as a complementary therapy. This quality of life improvement included a higher score in emotional function, vitality, pain, mental and physical health.

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