This option can be found in the file located on the main / root directory of your Minecraft server.. View Distance is a configuration option for Minecraft servers that sets the number of chunks that are visible on all directions around a player.

The default view distance is 10 and we recommend leaving it at this amount. View distance on Android is no longer limited to 3 sliders. The maximum allowed view distance. Render Distance is an option that can be set from the Video menu in Settings.

0.11.0 build 1: Worlds can now be renamed. However, you are currently able to adjust it up to 15 - 32, depending on which version of Minecraft your server is running. If you have a view distance nof 512, for example, the game will load 1024 chunks (512/16 = 32, 32*32 =n 1024); if you have a view distance of 1024, the game will load 4096 nchunks, 4 times what it loaded with a view distance of 512. view-distance: Any integer 10 Always The maximum allowed view distance in number of chunks. Gamemode can be changed in the world edit menu. After a player has idled for this many minutes they get kicked. It is located in the graphics menu. The option has a range of settings which depend on the device used. Higher values have performance impact. 0.10.0 build 1: Added the brightness slider. max-threads On creative mode worlds the daylight cycle can be locked to day. If you have any questions about how this might impact your server … player-idle-timeout: Any integer 30 Always After a player has idled for this many minutes they get kicked. Render Distance changes the number of Chunks that are visible from a distance at once.