In the Flashpoint alternate reality, Martha even became her world's Joker, the most feared villain in Flashpoint's Gotham City. Le cas de Martha n'est que rapidement évoqué dans le film, mais la bande dessinée Flashpoint: Knight of Vengeance livre leur histoire, concrétisant grâce aux Wayne l'interprétation, accrue ces vingt-cinq dernières années, de l'attirance sexuelle dans la relation ambigüe qu'entretiennent Batman et son éternel ennemi le Joker. Thomas Wayne was a gifted surgeon and heir to the Wayne fortune.Dedicated to philanthropy as much as medicine, he and his wife Martha were well-known and respected in Gotham. Joker n’a pas besoin de savoir que Bruce Wayne est Batman et que c’était le moment transformateur de la vie de son ennemi juré pour vouloir prendre une certaine mesure de crédit pour le meurtre de Thomas et Martha Wayne. In the Flashpoint alternate reality, Martha even became her world's Joker, the … While at the Monarch Theater, riots erupted throughout Gotham City. Now, CBR is taking a look back at the history of Bruce's tragically doomed mother, alternate incarnations of the Wayne family matriarch, and her memorably villainous appearance during Flashpoint . In the Flashpoint timeline, Joe Chill murders Bruce Wayne, rather than the boy's parents. Martha Wayne/Thomas Wayne (88) Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne (58) Alfred Pennyworth & Bruce Wayne (34) Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne (22) Joker (DCU)/Bruce Wayne (16) Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne (13) Jason Todd & Bruce Wayne (11) Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne (10) Alfred Pennyworth/Martha Wayne/Thomas Wayne (9) Clark Kent/Lois Lane (7) Include Additional Tags She was well-regarded in Gotham City's social circles, and helped host lavish charity balls at Wayne Manor. He proceeded to gundown Martha and her husband. Et s’attribuer le mérite d’une ville qui glisse dans le chaos. Martha Kane, coniugata Wayne, è un personaggio dei fumetti pubblicati dalla DC Comics, creato da Bill Finger, Gardner Fox e Bob Kane.La sua prima apparizione è in Detective Comics n. 33 (novembre 1939). Martha Wayne also known as the Joker, was a supervillain in the Flashpoint timeline and an alternate incarnation of the original Joker. While Thomas Wayne's legacy usually takes the spotlight, his mother Martha, has a rich, under-served history that stretches across the many iterations of her character in the DC Universe. Martha Wayne was the wife of wealthy industrialist Thomas Wayne. She often operated with an MO relating to comedy-related crimes. In the altered timeline of Flashpoint, Martha Wayne became the Joker, fighting her husband Batman. Thomas took his family into a nearby alley to escape the chaos, only to be confronted by Joe Chill, one of the rioters. È la moglie di Thomas Wayne e la madre di Bruce Wayne, alias Batman.. Biografia del personaggio. Un ego narcissique comme le sien voudrait simplement se placer au centre d’un moment aussi important. Martha Wayne shared her husband Thomas's charitable nature, and was dedicated to her son Bruce's upbringing.