In this roundtable discussion, we'll explore what that has meant in … Although the word Manager appears in the job title, it is not a traditional management role, in that it is more concerned with change management than people management.

The managers have a wide range of responsibilities to handle on a day-to-day basis, so many organizations are including a BIM coordinator who will collaborate closely with the project team to make sure they reach a high BIM standard, both on internal and external levels. A BIM coordinator is quite like a BIM manager, expect their main role is to take the load off of BIM managers’ shoulders. The role of BIM manager can mean many different things and include many different responsibilities, depending on your organization, its understanding of BIM (Building Information Modeling), and its level of expectations. The People and Process side of Managing the BIM and Revit Environment by Mark W. Kiker Broadly speaking a BIM Manager is someone who has responsibilities regarding the planning, design, delivery and operation of assets. During the InfraBIM LONDON 2018 event, leaders of the AECO industry discussed this highly demanded position. BIM Manager . The role of a BIM Manager has evolved over the years, encompassing many different functions.