I find that Baldurs gate, especially throne of Baal is impossibly hard, and every battle is a 10 min buffing event. Spellhold Studios; Downloads; Baldur's Gate II Mods; NPC Mods; Pai'Na (EE) Pai'Na NPC for BG2:EE; Submitter. Shadows of Amn Characters: NPC Guide Keep your party full for maximum character interactions and subplots. But in Baldurs gate, despite having 6 characters there are multiple instances where you face a whole group of dangerous enemies, eg beholders, several mages with level 9 spells (meteor, time stop etc) and I often get thrashed. Ashar can be found near the Copper Cornet's entrance, right after the death of the tavern's owner, Lehtinan. This modification adds a new, joinable NPC to Baldur's Gate II: a half-orc barbarian named Ashar. The Sir Neh’taniel Mod Pack adds this to BGII: + Judicial Knight, Neh’taniel of the Amaunatori, is an NPC who can join your party. Links * IWD NPC DL for IWD:HoW, IWD-in-BG2 and IWD:EE. IWD NPC V7 - Mirror 1. + He will romance an elf, half elf, human, halfling or gnome female pc of non evil alignment if she is not a thief, or an NPC. Don't remove characters you're romancing, as it … Artemius I View other files from this member. + He is Lawful Neutral, Wraith, and a Judicial Knight paladin class. Good Aligned Caelar Argent* Corwin Dynaheir Imoen** Glint Khalid Minsc Rasaad Voghiln Neutral Aligned Jaheira M'Khiin Neera Safana Evil Aligned Baeloth Dorn Edwin Viconia *Caelar is available if your party has an open slot prior to the Final Battle and certain dialog requirements are met | **Imoen joins at the tail end of the game and… If you accept a seventh NPC, Baldurs Gate 2 will simply ask you to remove one of the current ones to make room.