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What To Do In Case Of Food Poisoning

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Food-PoisoningThe food poisoning

Tends to have gastrointestinal symptoms which give us notice that we are in the presence of food poisoning, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, mucus and blood in stools, or vomiting blood. The same can suffer from other symptoms such as high fever (over 38 ° C), weakness, muscle aches, cold symptoms or muscle paralysis.

The circumstances in which you can produce a food poisoning can be very varied and very different effects.

The incubation period is variable, may appear a few hours or take several days to manifest, and not all people who have consumed contaminated food are falling sick because there are several factors that can influence: their own personal resilience, the amount of food eaten, etc..
What To Do In Case Of Food Poisoning? When to see a doctor? (Product of food poisoning)

It is advisable to visit your doctor if the vomiting continue for more than one day, if the agency does not accept food intake for more than a day, always recommended call and consult a specialist if symptoms continue for more than one day

If the food poisoning is mild sufficient to hydrate well the duration of the episode and to maintain a soft diet. It should start eating slowly following this plan:

First, cook the rice water (alone or with carrots), semolina pasta or soup, it is advisable to take small amounts and often.
You can gradually be introduced boiled rice, boiled chicken or fish, white toast, ham or raw apple.
Before turning to the normal diet should eat meat or grilled fish, yogurt, carrots and boiled vegetables and crackers marie.

The most dangerous of food poisoning is dehydration, ie excessive loss of water and mineral salts, mainly sodium and potassium, so serum rehydration should be started immediately. In the pharmacy sell some envelopes ready to pour into a pitcher of water (drink water not alone!) Or you can use a sports drink mixed with a little water to be absorbed better and faster.

It should start drinking in small amounts every hour or two hours, as tolerated. For infants and toddlers can become dehydrated quickly, we recommend using a 1 cm 3 syringe and administer every 10 minutes.

Serum home to counter the dehydration  (product of food poisoning) food poisoning

You can prepare a homemade solution following this homemade formula:

1 liter of water.
2 tablespoons sugar (2 tablets of saccharin if diabetic).
A little salt (half teaspoon).
A little soda (½ teaspoon).
The juice of half a lemon.


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