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How to lose 10kg in two weeks

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How to lose 10kg in two weeks


How to lose 10kg in two weeks

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I want to lose weight fast ! The dielta cabbage soup that burns fat . If you want to lose weight fast , i’m talking to lose 7 kilos in a week and are wondering how to lose 7 kilos in a week? Diet the cabbage !

how to lose 10kg in two weeks ? I will not say it’s an easy diet , in contrast , is a diet that can be difficult if you are not really desperate to lose kilos as quickly as possible . This diet is used to help overweight people exaggerated and emergency operations must follow but first they have to lose many kilos before undergoing surgery. This miracle diet , this is the following, then you want to test your will power or are you convinced that an effort of a week or two to take her where you’re going you decide . The diet is as follows:

To lose 10kg in two weeks recipe for cabbage soup that burns fat

1 large onion, 3 tomatoes , 1 large white cabbage , 2 green peppers , 1 package of celery , salt , pepper , curry , parsley or cilantro to taste.

Cut all the vegetables into small picture or the size you prefer and cover with water ; make them parboil for 15 minutes at the boil . This soup has very few calories, you can eat as often as desired . The more you eat more lose weight. If you take only soup for long periods of time can reach states of malnutrition so do not overdo it and follow the menus.

First day eat fruits preferably low calorie , such as melons , oranges , watermelon . This day just like fruit and soup.

Second day eat all the vegetables that you want, or steamed . Preferably green vegetables like spinach , avoid grains , corn and petit pois . Take all the soup you want and this day may this eating a baked potato or steamed with a little butter . This day is not allowed to eat fruit .

Third day this day take all the soup you want ( if you want the can liquefy ) and like all low calorie fruits and green vegetables you want. No more steamed potatoes or baked if you have followed the diet to the letter and must have 2 or 3.5 kilos less.

Fourth day eat three bananas and all the skim milk you want. Take the soup also taunted. Bananas are high in calories like milk , this fourth day your body needs potassium , carbohydrates , proteins and calcium to reduce their need for sugar .

Fifth day you can eat 300-600 grams of beef and 6 tomatoes. Drink 8 glasses of water and as usual all the soup you want. ( you can also change the meat for chicken or fish ) .

Sixth day you can eat the amount of meat you want and green vegetables . Drink 8 glasses of water and as usual all the soup you want. ( you can also change the meat for chicken or fish ) .

Seventh day can take fruit juices, fruits and green vegetables and soup satiety .

At the end of the seventh day , if you followed the diet exactly, you must have lost 5 to 8 kilos . If you lost 7.5 kilos stop the diet for two days and start a new week, if you want to continue losing weight. You can continue this diet at this rate the time you want is your choice . You will eliminate toxins and feel more energetic than ever this is a detox diet !

This fat burning regimen , you burn more fat than absorbs , removes toxins , and feel super good. During this regime is forbidden alcohol intake , high risk bone diet drink for two days before you drink alcohol , if that’s what you want to do. After the third day you will feel full of energy, if you need after the seventh day can eat a bowl of ” all bran ” to prevent constipation .

No alcohol, bread, beverages of all kinds , soft ligth can only drink water , tea, coffee , sugar , and can take fruit juices and milk when indicated in the diet.

The soup can be taken at any time and in the quantity that you remember more soup takes more kilos lost! If replacing the meat with chicken remove the skin before cooking , but in one of the two days that tells you only can change meat chicken or fish.

Happy and accompany diet and exercise if you want something more ligth dale .

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