Benefits of eating celery

Benefits of eating celery

The importance of consuming or eating celery is often of great value to our organization. Here are some advantages and benefits of eating celery for our health. Benefits of eating celery, benefit of celery juice, benefits of celery for men, benefits of juicing celery. Properties celery is it good eating celery Celery for weight loss low calorie : • Celery is a vegetable widely recommended for people who want to lose […]

eating salad

benefits of eating salad everyday for ATHLETES

When thinking about salads imagine a plate full of lettuce and tomato that you find many inapetente but if you use a little ingenuity will do our favorite salad dish for all. Benefits of eating salad everyday A salad is a mix of foods that include vegetables and fruits, this makes the dish salad low in calories, rich in nutrients and you can go on endlessly. These qualities make the […]


Boost your immune system naturally

Our body defense mechanism is a complex structure of proteins, cells, tissues and organs that we offer great protection against germs and microorganisms that cause disease. Our immunity is what sees us through all kinds of diseases and pathogens that invade our body. A good immune system that allows us to avoid the onset of disease and help us fight the germs and bacteria that enter our body. Several factors […]

Fastest proven diet that will boost your metabolism at its peak fat loss

Best weight loss plan – Fastest proven diet that will boost your metabolism at its peak fat loss Have you been looking for the best diet to lose fat ? Well, take just 45 seconds out of your busy day to read this article here and learn more about the most effective diet plan that will increase your metabolism to the highest point making weight and burn fat quickly learn. […]

Physical activity pyramid

Physical activity pyramid

 Pyramid of physical activity for adults Physical activity pyramid. We all know the importance of leading an active lifestyle to stay healthy life , but for those who still do not know how much and what exercise can do , we will show the pyramid of physical activity for adults in which graphically shows what we can make every day to start moving more. Physical activity pyramid Of course , […]

Apple diet, slim fast!

Expired foods that could be consumed In just five days you could lose up to 7 kg The apple diet is very popular because it allows you to lose weight quickly; just for when you want to eliminate love handles before a party. The first three days are the most effective and the other two will help you achieve the goal. Ojo, before making any diet we recommend that you […]