May 22, 2015

Diet Anti Cholesterol

Posted on August 5, 2013 by in Health Food

good-food-for-pregnant-womenThere are different diets by which you can lower cholesterol. Remember that high cholesterol can be combated with proper medication and diet. Cholesterol has a main source is the body itself and a second source that is feeding people. This is a consequence of the lipid profile.

Cholesterol is very dangerous for cardiovascular disease and in the case of neurological diseases, to combat it is necessary that our body functions properly.

Breakfast and snack
first Menu

A glass of skim milk
decaffeinated coffee
Two slices of bread with low-fat cheese

Second menu

fresh fruits
Fruit juice
nonfat yogurt

Third menu

decaffeinated coffee
Yogurt with cereal

first menu

Vegetable Soup
A small portion of meat, lettuce tomato and onion

Second menu

Mashed potatoes
Serving grilled fish

Third menu

cooked lentils
Small portion of chicken and tomato

Fourth menu

Noodles with tomato sauce
Grilled turkey fillet

first menu

A tomato stuffed with tuna natural
Pumpkin Puree

Second menu

boiled spinach
Fish with Salad

Third menu

Vegetable soup
Grilled Chicken with mashed potatoes

Fourth menu

Chard or spinach pie
Fish cooked with onions

Fifth menu

Maize (corn) boiled
Chicken with salad

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